Our fitness studio

At our workout studio in Denver, Colorado, we offer all kinds of great classes. Prenatal. Postnatal. Advanced conditioning. And our own creations like Ballet Bootcamp (combining the intensity of a bootcamp with the lengthening moves of a ballet workout), The Hot Mamas Method (mixing conditioning and Pilates), Skinny Jeans, and of course, our famous Ab and Butt Lab

All of our classes are taught by highly experienced instructors that understand a woman’s body. Our classes are all challenging and highly effective (but don’t be afraid – we’ll help you modify the exercises to match your fitness level). And all of our classes have been reviewed by doctors.

Hundreds and hundreds of moms and moms-to-be have had great results with our classes. You can, too. When you’re ready, just click below and sign up for a class.

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Hot Mamas Exercise
701 S. Logan St
Denver, CO 80209