Summer Salad w/ Grilled Peaches

ImageYummmmm is all I’ve got to say. I’m making this tonight for a family dinner — it’s going to be da bomb!

Recipe here.


A weekend with the Abundance Guy.

Hi friends, how is your weekend? I think we had a great workout at Red Rocks — at least I was very happy with it . . . I love how many people are up there working out, it’s crazy. And then there are all these tourists from other countries taking pictures of the crazy Americans working out. And how is it that we are still such a fat country? they are thinking.

Anyway, I’m in Breckenridge for the weekend. I got married here once — I love it, it so scenic and I love how the sun feels on my skin. We are hanging with my bf’s best friend — who has come to be a friend of mine. He has a very interesting business  — he consults with people on how to help them have abundant lives. It’s really better if you look at his website, it’s hard to explain.

He often visits us in Denver and in the morning he makes the best smoothies. As you know, I am a BIG fan of the morning smoothie. It’s a great way to start your day. You can load it up with fruit, veggies, protein, fish or flax oil and get all the nutrients you need for the day. It is great to fix in a pinch. I can make one in minutes before I race out the door with my kids. It is hands down one of the best habits that I have. Try it.

Monday’s Move — it’s like eating your spinach . . .

Hi Mamas, how was your weekend? I spent some much needed time with my bf — we had a romantic dinner out and saw Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it? I just love Woody Allen movies. Although, it doesn’t matter what movie I go to or what time of day, I always fall asleep at some point. Does that happen to you? I think it’s motherhood, really. I’ve been tired for 13 years . . .

We had a great turnout at Red Rocks on Saturday — I was so impressed with everyone’s efforts and focus. I noticed all of the other groups noticing us and I felt like a proud mama. I love all of the groups of people working out there and I love the energy. It’s so inspiring to a girl like me. P.S. I was incredibly sore all day Saturday and basically laid around the rest of the day. Probably not something I should share — but just so you know I am human.

Today’s exercise is from my old videos — one that I’ve never posted. It’s a good one for your entire backside (and yes, it’s still butt month at Hot Mamas!). Just make sure you focus on sucking your stomach in and keeping your spine long (eyes toward the floor). This is actually a good one for your butt . . . pay attention to your lower back and make sure it’s not screaming at you to stop.

Hope your Monday is fantastic and I’ll see you tomorrow with a great “anti-cellulite” recipe. Did I tell you I am thinking about doing a cellulite study? I will need some volunteers, so if you are interested, send me an email 🙂

Have this for dinner:

OK, when I say that I love this salad, I mean, it was so good that I made it 2 nights in a row. I basically drank the dressing. You have to be a little careful with the jalepeno (my grandpa used to say “jalepeeeee-no”) — make sure you take out most of the seeds. I do like the heat of it though and it really is necessary for the dressing to be perfect. The only thing I might add are some raw peanuts or soy nuts, the extra crunch would have been a great addition.

Enjoy! I’ll see you tomorrow with your summer playlist!

Asian Chicken Salad – Martha Stewart Recipes.

Monday Move

Happy Monday & Happy Passover!

My Steve’s parents are in town for the holiday. I was excited to make my first Passover meal . . . and now, everyone has decided to have Mexican. What? I am so disappointed. But, as a non-jew, really what can I say? So, I’m making enchiladas and fish tacos — are tortillas unleavened?

Today’s exercise it a pushup with a squat thrust. Do a couple sets of about 10. These really get your heart rate up. If you need to modify, you can always just “step” up instead of hopping. BTW, did I tell you how much I hate my outfit in these videos? They didn’t have a full length mirror . . . . oh well.

Have a fantastic week. See you tomorrow.

Monday is here already move of the week

Hi Mamas, how was your weekend? Mine was spent celebrating my sons 13th birthday. Yikes! I now have a teen in my house. And though, he’s been changing a lot over this past year, it’s like he instantly turned into a new person overnight. And, you may be asking — is this good or bad? Well, I’ll let you know.

Today’s move is one of my all-time favorites. The side lunge . . . can be hard on the knee, so make sure you are stacking your knee over your ankle. Keep the other leg nice and long and really work that stretch. And, with that overhead reach, make sure you keep your shoulder blade down and the neck long. 3 sets of 15 each side.

Enjoy your Monday!

Happy Monday

Hello Mamas, how was your weekend? I went to Steamboat for a girl’s weekend — and was totally schooled on my snowboard. I think I made some progress, but man, I am so sore today! It was so fun to see my girls just killin’ it on the slopes! Last night I went to the Scissor Sisters and danced until my feet were numb. What a fun concert! I think they’re opening for Lady Gaga . . . Over the weekend, I left my computer sitting on my desk and this morning was the first time I’ve seen a keyboard since Friday. It felt so great to disconnect from the world and just spend time with friends. Do you ever do that? I highly recommend it.

And, now, for a little Scissor Sisters to start your week . . . . oh, and today’s exercise is pretty straightforward. Good one to do when you are brushing your teeth.