Summer Salad w/ Grilled Peaches

ImageYummmmm is all I’ve got to say. I’m making this tonight for a family dinner — it’s going to be da bomb!

Recipe here.


Eat like me: Detox Soup

Thank God the holidays are almost over! As my coasters say: “Happy Alcoholidays” . . . I have literally had at least one drink had a bottle of wine every day since December 1st (or something of the like). It’s just festive — and I’m not one of those crazy trainers who eats dry chicken with steamed veggies every night either. Life is too short not to enjoy food and drink during the holidays.

But, now it’s time to start thinking ahead and get back on the healthy train. The soup above is what I made last night — after all the candy and yummy treats, I knew my kids could use a solid vegetable soup. This one takes 30 minutes and is super delicious.

Looking ahead to the New Year, I’ll be sharing my New Year’s cleanse – Get Ready!

White Bean and Kale Stew | Whole Living.

What do Hot Mamas eat for lunch?

Well, if you live close to the studio, chances are you eat at Vert Kitchen. Vert is an amaze organic fresh and delicious lunch spot — owned by wonderful Noah Stevens . . . if you live in Denver, you HAVE to come check it out. But, avoid on the weekends, the line is ridic.

For those of you who need to eat from home, or bring a lunch to work, what do you eat? In general, eating a healthy, satisfying lunch is pretty difficult unless you plan for it. When I go to Whole Foods on Sundays, I make sure I have lunch ideas on my list. I say ideas because sometimes when I get there, I’m inspired by things that are in season or may be featured in the store that day (this is their job after all). P.S. Have I told you how much I love WF? It is my happy place. I know everyone who works there and if there is anything you want to try, all you have to do is ask. They will sample just about anything for you.

Things to have on hand at home for a good lunch:

  • Salad Materials (i.e.; lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, celery, olives, peppers, and the like)
  • hummus (or learn how to make it – great Martha recipe)
  • eggs (not just for breakfast anymore)
  • deli meat
  • nuts
  • Dressings

What’s great is if you can have all of these things washed and at the ready so you can just toss into a bowl.

RULE #1: Don’t eat standing up in the kitchen. This leads to overeating and just grabbing foods at the random which leads to consuming too many calories and a stomach ache. Make yourself a plate, fill a water glass, and sit down: much more civilized and will actually satiate you.

Here is a great recipe I ran across this weekend — use this as inspiration and add the things you like.

Music Monday

I’m getting all crazy on you and making Mondays, “Music Mondays”. The m’s just go together, don’t they? I am in the middle of getting my Best of Hot Mamas playlist together — and this is in the running. It’s a late entry, and has a lot of competition. Tell me what you think!

Hope you had a great Turkey day!

Monday’s Move: Muevete Culo!

Happy Monday Ladies. I’m on day 8 of my cleanse and going strong. I am starting the actual juicing phase tomorrow (2 days early because my daughter is having a sleep-over party on Saturday night — I think I’m going to need to munch on something with 5 little girls running around my house!) Tomorrow I’m going to share some of my recipes from the cleanse . . . Recipes you can use even if you aren’t actually cleansing.

I stole today’s move from the Self magazine website. It’s actually a pretty great series of moves. I’ve used them in class before. You see, as a trainer, I am always looking for inspiration. I watch music videos, dance videos, sports workouts, etc. for inspiration to keep my workouts fresh. I also take lots of classes. The day that I think I have all of the answers as a trainer, is the day that I should quit training.

On that note, try these moves. Totally fun. And don’t you wish you were on a beach doing them? I will be in 2 weeks! Why don’t you come join me? It’s not too late! Go to my website and check it out.

Fall Trend – Maxi Madness

There’s a little chill in the air and it is fashion’s favorite time of year . . . so, I thought I’d share with you some of my fall must haves for 2011.

First up: The Maxi Skirt. This is a fantastic staple that you will wear all season long. Just look at the chic girl above. I love how she has paired her skirt (LNA Maxi available at with a dolman sleeved sweater, a fantastic hat (I must find it!) bangles, scarf and studded clogs. The skirt, especially in black can really be dressed up, or you can make it look very downtown with a tee, motorcycle jacket, hair up in a loose knot, a fun pair of booties and a scarf.

I think this is a great piece you will wear over and over . . .

Eat like me

Yes, you too can have a banana split for breakfast! Instead of ice cream, this one is made with Greek yogurt.

Just add granola (there are gluten-free versions out there), nuts, fruit and agave, honey or maple syrup (I would omit the preserves). Recipe here.

I think your kids would love it! I’m doing it tomorrow.