2010 Hairstyles

I’ve finally grown my hair out. It took me about 20 years. What I love about hair is that you can change it, and it always grows back (well, almost always I guess). You can sample with colors, bangs, parts, short, long, asymmetrical and so on. But what most of us do when our hair is long, is either let it hang, or put it in a ponytail. Boring.

I have this fabulous, wonderfully cool stylist here in Denver. She’s from Germany — and I am so happy I found her. She’s always on the cutting edge (sorry), and more than anything, she is my inspiration. She has long hair, down below her shoulders. And it’s always different — side pony, funky bun on the side, high bangs, crazy wild teased hair, and so on. And, she wears them with such confidence. So this year I am hoping to do the same — try to wear my hair differently every day . . . with confidence.

I found the following story on hair trends from this great site I recently discovered: Refinery 29. Next, I am going to have Christiane, my stylist, show us really how to do them. So here they are, and stay tuned for Christiane’s take on the trends, and more of her own trend ideas. Stay tuned!

2010 Hair Trends