Have fish twice weekly

You’ve heard that fish is good for you. That it lowers your risk of heart disease and the build up of plaque in your arteries. But, did you know that fish is also an anti-inflammatory? Things like stress, lack of exercise and poor diet create inflammation. Heart disease, many cancers and Alzheimers disease are influenced in large part by chronic inflammation. So, it’s a no-brainer . . . you simply need to eat more fish.

Cod, in particular, is high in protein, low in calories and high in B vitamins. Also a very mild fish for those people in your family who have trouble eating fish in general. When you are at the store, have the fish man cut your fish into filets for you (never be afraid to ask them to do the work for you!).

I’ve made this recipe many times. You will benefit from watching the video . . . although you will need to fast forward through Martha’s interview. It’s fast and very good. I usually serve with sweet potato, or brown rice.

Cod with Escarole and Lemon Recipe/Video