Eat like me . . .

Who doesn’t like white rice? I am normally such a Nazi about eating brown rice, but sometimes nothing tastes better than the white. So, when I saw this recipe by my girl (yes, I know, all I ever do is post Martha’s recipes . . . I dare you to find someone more consistently good), I hesitated because of the white rice. At the store, I looked at the package — ‘gluten free’, hmmmm . . . . . Then, I’m thinking “Asians are usually pretty lean people, and they live a long time, so what’s the big deal?”. Hence, I bought the white jasmine rice, although they did also have brown. We all know that brown rice is better for you, but sometimes, you just gotta say WTF.

Another reason to love this recipe: it’s super fast. You see, on Tuesday nights, I love going to Pilates. The problem is that it ends close to 6:30, which means unless I grab takeout on the way home, I need to make something fast. Not only is eating late a total pain in the neck because my kids don’t go to bed until like 10 — it also means that my kids don’t go to bed until like 10 and then no time to myself, and that totally sucks.

So, here is yet another Martha masterpiece. My man loved it, my kids sorta ate it — but I don’t care because I drowned it in Siracha and ate my portion and my daughter’s too. Enjoy!

Thai Beef with Chiles and Basil Over Coconut Rice – Martha Stewart Recipes.


Eat like me . . .

I was saddened today when looking for recipes because on Martha’s site it said “End of Summer recipes” — oh, how I hate the end of summer because that means winter is on it’s way — UGH! I said to myself today while driving “just embrace the coming seasons” but, it didn’t take. The only thing I do like about the end of the summer is the produce. I love peppers and when I was growing up, my mom always made stuffed peppers. So, I was excited when I saw this recipe — and I saw many other versions. Some with feta and tomatoes, some stuffed with other “end of summer” veggies, ugh, and cous-cous.

This recipe is great because, it’s all you have to make. It’s got everything in it. What a nice simple mid-week meal 😉 I am making this tonight, and will probably omit the bread-crumbs and will use brown rice instead of white. Enjoy!

Recipe from my favorite ex-con, Martha.

The anti-cellulite diet and other secrets . . .

Hi Mamas, how was your holiday? I’m back from my mini-vacation and ready to hit Red Rocks this Saturday . . . if you are in town, you simply have to come! It’s the only time I truly feel a head-to-toe workout.

Well, what has started as butt week has now turned into butt month. And today, I am going to begin talking about what to eat to help make those disgusting dimples disappear. P.S. I have some too . . . but I am constantly battling them and have been since college.

What exactly is cellulite? Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat push up against connective tissue underneath the skin. Why the tush area? The skin in this area is thinner and also one that tends to carry more fat. You do sometimes see it on the tummy or on the back of your arm — but more often, mostly on your butt.

In addition to actually doing cardio . . . running, jumping rope — moving the actual area in question, the only other solution is in your diet. Below are some things you can do to your diet to help reduce the appearance of cellulite:

  • Hydrate (8-10 glasses a day) and reduce your intake of sodium and sugar. Sodium and sugar cause fluid retention and cause your fat cells to enlarge.
  • Eat a cleaner diet. Reduce or completely rid your diet of things that have been processed and eat food that is as close to nature as possible. Reduce your meat intake — try vegetarian at least twice weekly.
  • Fruits and vegetables should rule your refrigerator — eat them all of the time.
  • Add Kelp . . . in pill form or sprinkle it on your food. Kelp is supposed to help reduce body fat. (I haven’t done this one yet — but am headed to Whole Foods today for some).

I know it sounds too simple — but paired with good cardio sessions (at least 3 weekly), targeted butt exercises (I’ll give you more), a clean diet really will help reduce your cellulite. Take an honest look at what you eat — and think of areas that you could make some improvements. Don’t be in denial about what you eat — you can make changes TODAY. It’s never too late to start. And this doesn’t mean you are punishing yourself or that you will never eat something fun again. Just make it a habit to eat clean — and on rare occasion, treat yourself to what you love.

Tomorrow I will talk about topical treatments — things that do cost money for sure — but I’ve heard that they work . . . .

And, to get you started, here is a fantastic recipe from my girl Martha — vegetarian and clean. A great meal to start your cellulite attack! Couscous salad with roasted vegetables from Martha Stewart

Have this for dinner:

OK, when I say that I love this salad, I mean, it was so good that I made it 2 nights in a row. I basically drank the dressing. You have to be a little careful with the jalepeno (my grandpa used to say “jalepeeeee-no”) — make sure you take out most of the seeds. I do like the heat of it though and it really is necessary for the dressing to be perfect. The only thing I might add are some raw peanuts or soy nuts, the extra crunch would have been a great addition.

Enjoy! I’ll see you tomorrow with your summer playlist!

Asian Chicken Salad – Martha Stewart Recipes.

Dinner Tonight



This is what I made for dinner tonight. Except I forgot the panko bread crumbs — which was completely the point of the whole recipe. I ended up just pan-sauteing the pork and then slicing it. The sauce was actually tangy and fantastic. The salad was so completely boring — one item in a bowl. What was I thinking? Steve thought I had put him on a diet. So, I’m going to say if you want a REALLY fast dinner, this is the way to go. I would definitely remember the panko and add something to the salad like red pepper and cucumber.

Get the recipe from Martha

What to have for Dinner

Hello my lovely friends. How is your day? Have you decided on dinner yet? I have decided to make one meal a week vegetarian. I made this dish (by Martha, of course) last night and it was actually delicious! I must have said three times out loud “this is so good, I can’t believe it!” So, you must try it. I added fresh lemon juice. Yummm! Also, while you are roasting, you might as well roast some other veggies and have them on the side (I did brussels and asparagus).


Cocktail time!

I know I usually post dinner, but it’s party season. This cocktail looks festive and delicious. I love cranberry juice in cocktails — I feel like somehow I’m being a little healthy.

Of course it’s from Martha . . . she has a whole section on winter cocktails. Get the recipe.

Ok, so now I’m adding some fudge to the mix. I LOVE peppermint and chocolate together. And these are fast and easy with a cute little candy on top. My daughter will love helping with these! Recipe