Eat like me . . .

Who doesn’t like white rice? I am normally such a Nazi about eating brown rice, but sometimes nothing tastes better than the white. So, when I saw this recipe by my girl (yes, I know, all I ever do is post Martha’s recipes . . . I dare you to find someone more consistently good), I hesitated because of the white rice. At the store, I looked at the package — ‘gluten free’, hmmmm . . . . . Then, I’m thinking “Asians are usually pretty lean people, and they live a long time, so what’s the big deal?”. Hence, I bought the white jasmine rice, although they did also have brown. We all know that brown rice is better for you, but sometimes, you just gotta say WTF.

Another reason to love this recipe: it’s super fast. You see, on Tuesday nights, I love going to Pilates. The problem is that it ends close to 6:30, which means unless I grab takeout on the way home, I need to make something fast. Not only is eating late a total pain in the neck because my kids don’t go to bed until like 10 — it also means that my kids don’t go to bed until like 10 and then no time to myself, and that totally sucks.

So, here is yet another Martha masterpiece. My man loved it, my kids sorta ate it — but I don’t care because I drowned it in Siracha and ate my portion and my daughter’s too. Enjoy!

Thai Beef with Chiles and Basil Over Coconut Rice – Martha Stewart Recipes.


Eat like me

Yes, you too can have a banana split for breakfast! Instead of ice cream, this one is made with Greek yogurt.

Just add granola (there are gluten-free versions out there), nuts, fruit and agave, honey or maple syrup (I would omit the preserves). Recipe here.

I think your kids would love it! I’m doing it tomorrow.

Dinner tonight

I know it looks a bit like vomit, but this is what I had for dinner. It was really good! As you know, I’ve been a little obsessed with quinoa. It is so versatile and you can literally add any flavor and it tastes fabulous. And I love that it’s gluten free. I added a lot more lemon than the recipe called for because I love lemon with quinoa. This was a side dish to accompany grilled chicken breast (on the bone) that I just topped with lemon, salt and pepper. Healthy & delicious. My children ate it up!

Recipe from Epicurious

Dinner Tonight



This is what I made for dinner tonight. Except I forgot the panko bread crumbs — which was completely the point of the whole recipe. I ended up just pan-sauteing the pork and then slicing it. The sauce was actually tangy and fantastic. The salad was so completely boring — one item in a bowl. What was I thinking? Steve thought I had put him on a diet. So, I’m going to say if you want a REALLY fast dinner, this is the way to go. I would definitely remember the panko and add something to the salad like red pepper and cucumber.

Get the recipe from Martha

Dinner Tonight



Hi Hot Mama. Do you kill yourself to incorporate good vegetables into your family’s diet? I do. And, I have to say, when it becomes a normal part of every meal, your kids will actually eat it. But you can’t just always throw some steamed broccoli on a plate and expect a good response. Getting a little creative and trying a variety of vegetables will keep your family interested.

This recipe caught my eye because it has raisins. The sweetness of the raisins paired with the kale will be delicious. Add to that the crunch of the nuts and you can count on a clean plate!

Give this one a shot. I’m making this with a healthy version of sesame chicken tonight.

Have a great day, and make sure you VOTE!

What to have for lunch . . .

What to have for lunch? Lunch is such a difficult meal. Often you are on the go, or at the office. Making lunch is a pain in the neck, so you probably order in, or worse, skip eating. Truly, you are better off having a slim-fast if that is the case. But, if you can get your act together, get up a little earlier in the morning, then you can bring your lunch with you. And if  you are lucky enough to work from home, then it will be even easier.

The above recipe looked interesting to me . . . a salad in a sandwich, hmmm. And, sardines? But, think about the omega-3’s! You could always substitute tuna, or chicken.  I will say, I don’t like the idea of using a hamburger bun, but there are some really dense, healthy, nutty breads out there that would be great (spelt too, for you non-gluten types). Remember if you are taking it on the go, prepare the inside and bring the bread separately. Nothing is worse than soggy bread!

Obviously, a salad is a great idea for lunch. I just thought this was a nice twist in order to keep things interesting.

If you are indeed trying to keep your weight in check, it is always smarter to prepare your own meals . . . you never know the hidden calories/ingredients  in restaurant food, even salads.

What else can you take on the go? What about all of those bars and drinks? I’m going to say as a general rule that bars and drinks are great to have when you are starving and there are no options. But, it shouldn’t be something you have every day. That being said, I like Mix1 and Larabar (both Colorado companies!). I almost always have fruit with me and beef jerky.

What do you take with you when you are on the go?

Quick, easy, healthy, good . . .

Roasting chicken usually takes too long for a weekday dinner . . . .so, I was excited when I saw this recipe. Cutting up the chicken & roasting it at a higher heat will have you at the table in 30 minutes. I love lemon on everything and the arugula salad is such a nice complement. I put a little shaved parmesan on the salad as well. You can always substitute any of your favorite grains for the orzo — I made wild rice.

Get tonight’s recipe. Enjoy!