Monday’s Move: Muevete Culo!

Happy Monday Ladies. I’m on day 8 of my cleanse and going strong. I am starting the actual juicing phase tomorrow (2 days early because my daughter is having a sleep-over party on Saturday night — I think I’m going to need to munch on something with 5 little girls running around my house!) Tomorrow I’m going to share some of my recipes from the cleanse . . . Recipes you can use even if you aren’t actually cleansing.

I stole today’s move from the Self magazine website. It’s actually a pretty great series of moves. I’ve used them in class before. You see, as a trainer, I am always looking for inspiration. I watch music videos, dance videos, sports workouts, etc. for inspiration to keep my workouts fresh. I also take lots of classes. The day that I think I have all of the answers as a trainer, is the day that I should quit training.

On that note, try these moves. Totally fun. And don’t you wish you were on a beach doing them? I will be in 2 weeks! Why don’t you come join me? It’s not too late! Go to my website and check it out.

Monday Move

Happy Monday, how was your weekend? I was a bit of a social butterfly and am definitely feeling it today — I think I’ll be taking the week off of all most alcohol. Red wine is still necessary an option.

I’m still obsessed with finding the perfect butt routine (hence Kim Kardashian’s rear), I’ve heard her ass was surgically enhanced — what do you think? Ahem, anyway, I have some trainer peers who were featured in an article on the best butt exercises. So, I thought I’d share them with you. Since the people who shot my video seem to either be on vacation, or they’ve gone out of business.

Here is the link to the article. Enjoy — these are Teddi approved — I used one last week in my butt class.

Recipe tomorrow . . .

Monday’s Move — it’s like eating your spinach . . .

Hi Mamas, how was your weekend? I spent some much needed time with my bf — we had a romantic dinner out and saw Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it? I just love Woody Allen movies. Although, it doesn’t matter what movie I go to or what time of day, I always fall asleep at some point. Does that happen to you? I think it’s motherhood, really. I’ve been tired for 13 years . . .

We had a great turnout at Red Rocks on Saturday — I was so impressed with everyone’s efforts and focus. I noticed all of the other groups noticing us and I felt like a proud mama. I love all of the groups of people working out there and I love the energy. It’s so inspiring to a girl like me. P.S. I was incredibly sore all day Saturday and basically laid around the rest of the day. Probably not something I should share — but just so you know I am human.

Today’s exercise is from my old videos — one that I’ve never posted. It’s a good one for your entire backside (and yes, it’s still butt month at Hot Mamas!). Just make sure you focus on sucking your stomach in and keeping your spine long (eyes toward the floor). This is actually a good one for your butt . . . pay attention to your lower back and make sure it’s not screaming at you to stop.

Hope your Monday is fantastic and I’ll see you tomorrow with a great “anti-cellulite” recipe. Did I tell you I am thinking about doing a cellulite study? I will need some volunteers, so if you are interested, send me an email 🙂