There was a time when I thought I didn’t need to put on “a face” everyday. That was in my 20’s-30’s. When I turned 40, I went to my aesthetician (Gail Wise Skincare if you are in Denver, she is THE BEST — I’ve been going to her since I was 20), and had my skin routine revamped. Then, I went to Sephora and asked one of their consultants to help me with a day face that would work for my lifestyle. I currently use a bronzer to “hollow” out my cheekbones and then a highlighter on my brow. On my eyes I use one shadow just to line my eyes — if I have time, I use a pencil eyeliner underneath as well. Eyelash curler and a gloss, and that’s it. An easy day face that takes literally 2 minutes.

This new palette looks perfect for me . . . . I think I need it!

Urban Decay Naked2: Naked Palette 2 at Sephora.

Dear Santa:

Kate Moss’ new book is out . . . . and it’s on my list. Don’t you just love her? Even when she’s been out all night smoking cigarettes and drinking and whatnot, she still looks gorgeous. She’s a rock-star.

Dear Santa

I’m a necklace girl. I love to have one on at all times. I currently have been wearing a wishbone necklace I found in Tulum. The above necklace is the horseshoe in gunmetal by Alexis Bittar, my favorite jewelry designer. I think I’d like to have this around my neck for a good long time.

I am very picky about boots and I’ve been looking and looking. I always come back to these Jeffrey Campbell boots. I love the downtown rocker chick vibe. Or I’ll take the Lita boot — very Lady Gaga.

Oh, I’m an 8 1/2.