Yummy, worth-your-time Vegan Cookies!


I made these cookies on Thanksgiving and they sat alongside the cherry, pumpkin & pecan pies. Every cookie was devoured!  I am totally cool eating all the traditional Thanksgiving stuff, but wanted a healthier dessert option. By the time dessert happens, I am usually so stuffed, that I was thrilled to have this lite option.

I equate pretty much anything vegan, but especially sweet treats, with tasteless, cardboard – or stuff that just crumbles into a pile of dust. But these, Chili Almond Cookies are the exception. To be fair, this is my first go at a vegan, gluten free cookie.

The recipe is easy to follow and is shorter than a traditional cookie recipe. The flax seeds are to replace the egg (which never made it into my grocery bag, so I used an egg), and the ground almonds are instead of flour. I used a Quisinart and pulsed until it was flour-like. I used a nice semi-sweet chocolate from WF (about 35% cacao – said in high-pitched voice always).

Give ’em a shot . . . . I’m already on my second batch! Recipe