Angelina Rocks

I haven’t always been a huge fan — probably mostly because she’s super gorgeous, has a hot husband, and has what seems like a perfect life (I know, pretty shallow). Every time I saw something about her in Africa adopting yet another child — I kept thinking she was just doing it to get good press.  But when I read her Op-Ed about her decision to have a preventative double mastectomy, I cried.  I cried because of her self-sacrifice to be safe from getting breast cancer and her selflessness.  I could feel how much she loves her children and her family and wants to be around to see them grow-up and to be able to grow old with her husband.

My sister did the same thing about ten years ago — and, to me, I feel like it would be losing part of who you are — losing your female-ness. I can’t imagine volunteering to have your breasts taken and replaced by something artificial.  It was encouraging and empowering to read about her decision and knowing should I ever have to do something like that, that I wouldn’t be any less of a woman.

So, I’ve changed my tune about Angelina, I have respect for her bravery  and for the example that she is making for the rest of us. And using her celebrity in a good way.

You go, Girl!