Eat like me: Detox Soup

Thank God the holidays are almost over! As my coasters say: “Happy Alcoholidays” . . . I have literally had at least one drink had a bottle of wine every day since December 1st (or something of the like). It’s just festive — and I’m not one of those crazy trainers who eats dry chicken with steamed veggies every night either. Life is too short not to enjoy food and drink during the holidays.

But, now it’s time to start thinking ahead and get back on the healthy train. The soup above is what I made last night — after all the candy and yummy treats, I knew my kids could use a solid vegetable soup. This one takes 30 minutes and is super delicious.

Looking ahead to the New Year, I’ll be sharing my New Year’s cleanse – Get Ready!

White Bean and Kale Stew | Whole Living.