Dare to go there . . .

This is what I say in my head when I am about to do something that I know is right but I’m scared to death . . . well, that and I pray real hard.

I think we all have a little fight in us, but often we are afraid. Either because we don’t want to expend the extra energy, or because we don’t think it will make a difference, or because we’re scared. I, unfortunately, have the “fighter” gene — and if there’s a chance for me to have a say in something, I’ll take it. My mother says I’ve been like this since I was able to talk. And, I love that she encouraged me.

Those of you in Denver who have been working out with me are familiar with my stroller classes. It’s how I got started here after moving from NYC. I had my 3 month old daughter and I needed to start training again, but couldn’t afford to hire a sitter while at the gym. So, that’s when my stroller classes were born.

The classes didn’t take off right away, I had to offer lots of free classes along the way. But, eventually, they caught on and I was getting 20-30 women at a time in my classes. I hired teachers, had a training program, and really began to grow a business. That’s when I started getting calls from the city.

The city has given me trouble before, but mostly because of the size of my classes and “safety” issues in the park and because I was making money – GASP!  So, I revamped the classes, changed the entire format to keep everyone happy. The city said, “well, now you need to get a permit” — no problem, offer one that makes sense. Why would I pay the same fee as someone who is reserving an entire field for 2 hours? We use a common path with everyone else. Not to mention we don’t charge much for classes.

Well now, they’re trying to throw me out entirely, and all the other stroller classes. Really without any sort of formality, no letter, no citation, no meetings — they literally ambushed my class last week and said we can’t be there anymore. I don’t understand how the city wouldn’t be in favor of a group of moms and babies working out together. Isn’t that just good for everyone involved? And, if they don’t have a permit in place for that, why wouldn’t they create one due to the popularity of stroller classes? Sounds like they just want us to go away . . . and most people probably would. But not me. How can I let a 10 year business just suddenly dissolve because of a few men who have no idea what good this is doing for so many? (These are the same misogynist pigs who probably never got up in the middle of the night for a feeding or ever changed a diaper or ever gave that poor mom a night out with friends. You know the type. )

So, I called the news — and of course, they love the story (see clip) and today, I am offering a FREE class in response to this unbelievable show of bureaucracy. They still have no real reason why we can’t be there. And, nothing can stop a group of women just working out together. Right? I guess we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.