Eat like me . . .


Dinner tonight

I made this last night . . . loved it, everyone ate it up! Great evening meal — perfect amount of veggies and protein.  I used flap meat (they really need to change the name), which is almost like skirt.

I know I’ve been a lame blogger (there goes the blog lovin’ awards this year) but, I’m basically back. I promise I won’t be such a flake. I have lots of great new things to share with you, including a Hot Mamas Cleanse which has been on the back burner — and will be making an appearance here in early fall — Yay! I have my first Hot Mamas fall retreat in Steamboat springs that I’m prepping for and totally excited about! And, and, and, I am looking for a new space for a brand new Hot Mamas! Good news for everyone because I am using it as a prototype for a franchise! Or, is it a chain? I always get those confused . . . .

The kids are back in school – Hooray! I have a, gulp, high-schooler (whom I actually now totally understand, which says a lot about where I am mentally) and my girl is in 4th grade. They are getting big before my eyes and I know I need to savor every moment, because they’ll be gone before I know it.

How’s your summer winding up? I’m actually glad to see it go. I am ready for new exciting things! And, back to school always makes me excited about new beginnings — more so than New Years. Plus, I can’t wait to wear new boots and jackets and scarves and be all cozy.

See you tomorrow!