Monday, on the couch . . .

Hi friends, I know, I know. It’s been a while and I’ve been in a funk. I just had much needed knee surgery and I am currently on day ten of recovery. Can’t walk much, so, all I’ve been doing is eating, drinking, watching the Olympics and stalking people on Facebook.

As someone who has been fit, healthy and active my whole life, I can tell you that being inactive is so unbelievably depressing. I just don’t understand how people don’t want to exercise? It makes you feel so good and full of energy and craving healthy foods. Right now all I want to do is watch bad daytime tv and eat junk . . .

Anyway, now that I can stand for a while, I’ve decided to actually make dinner instead of order in Chinese. This meal looks easy and yummy. Yes, there is bread — but hey, I’m on the bread diet right now. Normally I would totally omit it and have a brown rice or something like that. Not today, baby! I think every once in a while in life, you are allowed. Next week I am actually considering a cleanse just to get me back on track (pssst. I am also working on a special Hot Mamas cleanse . . . coming soon!).

So, here’s the link to the recipe. I just love Sarah Carey — she’s so cute and funny and makes everything look so easy. Give it a try!

Yes, and I’ll see you tomorrow. (It’s not like I have a whole lot going on anyway.)