Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Ladies! I’d like to make a toast to all of my amazing Denver Hot Mamas and to their incredible hard work and dedication on their smokin’ hot bodies! I am one very proud trainer!

It’s summer, my favorite time of year for many reasons: Longer days, laying at the pool, swimming in the pool, kids are out of school (meaning more relaxed mornings!), using the barbeque, eating lots of salads and fish, fun trips on the weekends, wearing flip flops, no makeup, messy summer beachy hair, dining al fresco, and yes,  amazing cocktails.

My girlfriend, Kristy, owns an amazing Cuban restaurant in Denver — Cuba Cuba. If you live in Denver and you haven’t been, then get your cute little culo over there. The best mojitos hands down (especially if Andre is at the bar).  Kristy shared her recipe with me, and now I’m going to share with you.

Mojitos de Cuba Cuba

Bacardi Rum con Limon

Simple syrup


Fresh Lime juice from 8 limes

Seltzer/club soda

Muddle a handful of mint in the bottom of a very large pitcher (muddling is merely pressing and turning a muddler on the mint leaves– you don’t need to pulverize it. You are just releasing the mint flavor). Fill pitcher with ice and then pour rum until it hits halfway point (yes!). Add lime juice, and a 1/4 cup simple syrup (directions below), then finish by filling to the brim with seltzer. Stir and drink. Nothing is exact about this recipe — adjust each ingredient to your own taste. I don’t like mine very sweet at all, mostly limey and rumey.

Simple syrup is made by combining equal parts sugar and water to a saucepan and then simmer until sugar is dissolved. This is also very similar to my mother’s recipe for “maple” syrup. In that one, it’s equal parts water, white sugar, brown sugar and maple flavoring . . .

Another one of my favorites is the margarita . . . but I make mine with OJ (another suggestion from Kristy). And, just like the mojito, much of this is done to your taste. Ingredients and method:

Good Tequila

Fresh Lime Juice (or if you are super lazy, get some from WF)

Fresh OJ (see above)


Fill up a pitcher with ice, pour tequila until it hits halfway, to 3/4 point — oh yeah! And then add lime and oj according to your taste — more lime than oj. Then add agave until sweet enough for you. Put in a salted glass and chug.

One final drink is a raspberry lime cocktail that just tastes fresh like summer. Ingredients and method:

2 boxes of Raspberries

Good Vodka

8=10 limes

Fill blender with ice, fill to halfway point with vodka, add raspberries and lime juice and blend. Delish! This is a great one for kids too (plus or minus the vodka, your choice).