Smoothie Time!

I am a big fan of the smoothie — I probably have one almost every morning. My mornings are always hurried and spastic. And cooking anything rarely happens (unless it’s McCain’s oatmeal prepared the night before). It’s quick and easy and probably better for you than about anything else — because you can pack so many nutrients into it, not to mention fiber (can you say “regular”?).

So, let’s talk about the ingredients to put in, why this is a good thing with which to start your day :

  • Protein Powder — I use whey because it’s light, and it doesn’t taste funny. Protein helps build and sustain muscle, it also keeps the brain alert and energized. Super important for all of us, no? Plus think about your kids — protein is essential for breakfast so they can focus at school. Sugary cereals can’t do that.
  • Almond milk — another great source of protein, low in sugar, low in calories, great for your hair and skin. A much better alternative to milk or soy or definitely juice. Use about 8 ounces
  • Fresh fruit – berries, melons, bananas, pineapple, etc. Toss in handfuls of your favorite fruit to sweeten your smoothie. Obviously there are tons of antioxidants in fruit, and tons of fiber. This is a no-brainer, we should all be eating fresh fruit daily.
  • Leafy Fresh Greens — Spinach, kale, collards . . . high in fiber, calcium, iron, full of phytochemicals that aid in cancer prevention and also help the body function better. Use a couple handfuls (you won’t even taste them!).
  • Green Powder — there are a bunch on the market right now. Green Magma, Greens First, Green Fusion. All packed with vitamins, nutrients to help your body function better and to help keep you cancer free. I think you should eat your nutrients mostly, but this powder can help fill in the blanks.
  • Oils — flax seed, fish — packed with nutrients & fiber, it also to helps the body absorb vitamins, great for eyes, hair, skin too. It also plays a major role in helping your body reduce fat as it bumps up the metabolism. Get these oils in your diet now! I like to put mine in my shakes because you can’t taste them! Use 2 or more tablespoons.
  • Extras like chia and cacao are great to throw in too. Chia is an amazing source of fiber and it also helps keep you satiated, cacao is an antioxidant among other things. And really there are hundreds of things that you see at the store and it can get really confusing. The reality is, you can only put so much in your blender or in your salad at a time. So, pick a few items, enjoy them until they are gone and then try something new. There are so many great things out there that are good for you — and just like with anything else, variety is key.
  • Throw everything in a blender with some ice (or better yet, freeze your bananas and fruit). and drink immediately.

Here is a recipe I found on the Whole Foods website — I like the idea of almond butter, banana and chocolate — I’ll still throw in the veggies! Enjoy!

Chocolate-Almond Banana Smoothie |