Happy Mother’s Day

I’m going to be totally real with you here . . . I hate Mother’s Day. In addition, I have a strong dislike for Valentine’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and the like. They are Hallmark holidays — and for some reason, they make everyone feel the need to take people to brunch, buy flowers and requisite gifts. And somehow I always end up comparing myself to everyone else: Lots of moms get massages, another one of my friends got one of those amazing new blenders– what’s it called? It makes soup too? I know another girl who actually got some amazing jewelry. But, for some reason, days like today just make me sad — not really appreciated or special. How’s this for a downer post?

My mother’s day is really about appreciating and loving my kids (one of whom is far far away in England). My little girl made me breakfast today and gave me a wonderful homemade gift. And, that means so much more than a massage, blender or a ring . . .

And now for a little laughing: watch this

And this is a funny/sweet poem by Tina Fey