Happy Gorgeous Weekend

It’s going to be 80 degrees this weekend in Denver. This early warming trend freaks me out a little (and stresses me out, as I need to get my stroller classes going!) but I’ll take it! Are you on spring break now? I am, and we are heading up to Steamboat! Not sure what we are going to do — maybe hike? Regardless it will be fun to get away.

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared things from around the web, so here goes. Have a great weekend!

Now that my kids are old enough, I’d like to book a family adventure trip!

Wanting these shoes for spring

25 manners kids should know by age 9 (my kids almost got 100%)

Check out this video — leading by example for our kids and our own health.

I go here when I want to feel like I’m on a beach with a cocktail

If the Wall Street Journal says it . . . what color will you wear all day?? I picked 3.

I love this advice from Joanna Goddard

I want to be on a bike in NYC

I think I’ll be trying this artichoke recipe!