Tapering off of a cleanse . . .

The biggest mistake you can make at the end of a cleanse is to go back to your old ways. Hopefully one of the things you have a achieved during a cleanse is a new sense of how you should be eating and inspired to adopt these habits for good. I am the first person to tell you that I will always be drinking wine and coffee — but it’s the other stuff: cheese, bread, sugar, diet sodas . . . .  that you should slowly try to wean out of your life.

So, adding food back into your diet: Go slowly! Don’t let your first meal back as a civilian be meats and grains and wine with dessert. Pick one thing. And only one thing. My choice is wine. Wine and a salad. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? And then maybe the next day, add legumes to that salad (w/ the wine). And the following day, it’s protein in your smoothie (probably doesn’t go with wine). And the next day, add a very light protein like fish (something that’s easier to digest). And so on . . .

Eat SLOWLY — chew everything well. And watch the volume. Otherwise you will have a massive stomach ache.

Whatever you do, make sure you are still getting great fiber or all of the sudden, you will be super constipated. And then after you’ve had that wonderful flat tummy feeling from the cleanse, you’ll feel bloated and gross. I always add flax see oil to apple juice every morning — keeps things nice and smooth if you know what I mean.

Today is my 9th day . . . it feels basically the same as the others except I added protein to my smoothie. And, tonight will be vegetarian. No wine just yet. ;(

If you are currently on the cleanse, try to enjoy the empty feeling in your tummy. The feeling of lightness, being ready to move, and not feeling full and sluggish.