Monday’s Move: Muevete Culo!

Happy Monday Ladies. I’m on day 8 of my cleanse and going strong. I am starting the actual juicing phase tomorrow (2 days early because my daughter is having a sleep-over party on Saturday night — I think I’m going to need to munch on something with 5 little girls running around my house!) Tomorrow I’m going to share some of my recipes from the cleanse . . . Recipes you can use even if you aren’t actually cleansing.

I stole today’s move from the Self magazine website. It’s actually a pretty great series of moves. I’ve used them in class before. You see, as a trainer, I am always looking for inspiration. I watch music videos, dance videos, sports workouts, etc. for inspiration to keep my workouts fresh. I also take lots of classes. The day that I think I have all of the answers as a trainer, is the day that I should quit training.

On that note, try these moves. Totally fun. And don’t you wish you were on a beach doing them? I will be in 2 weeks! Why don’t you come join me? It’s not too late! Go to my website and check it out.