Fall Cleansing . . .

This is all I see when I’m doing a cleanse. No wine, no coffee, no sugar, no FUN.

Probably not a great endorsement. But, what I love about cleanses is how great I feel. I have tons of energy, I sleep like the dead, the bowel movements are record setting, and I get skinnier!

Truly though, people have been cleansing for thousands of years. This isn’t some new fad. My mom always says “I don’t know why you do that crazy cleanse — I watch The Doctors and they say that cleanses don’t do anything.” Then she gives me that look — you know, the mom look. The look I am working on — and getting pretty good myself. But she also does the single eyebrow raise — it’s pretty cool.

Anyway, the fall cleanse is meant to go with the change in seasons. Sort of a time for rejuvenation of the mind and body — a time to hit the reset button. In Chinese medicine, the fall is a time when the body naturally releases toxins and takes in vital energy to help prepare for the winter. As the body starts to free itself from toxins, new energy is found. Previous symptoms like headaches, constipation, gas, bloating, sinus problems, allergies and even depression subside. You will feel more mentally clear, less mood swings and the need less sleep . . . although when you do sleep, it is unbelievable. A train could go through my house and I wouldn’t budge.

Today was my first day of the cleanse. I took liver detox pills and I eliminated alcohol (sigh), coffee, sugar, flour and gluten. Funny, I rarely eat sugar, flour or gluten — but today I was totally jonesing. I guess when you aren’t allowed to eat something, that’s when you crave it the most. I have been absolutely ravenous.

My breakfast was a fruit smoothie with almond milk, frozen fruit and whey protein. And a hardboiled egg.

Lunch was a fantastic salad with turkey.

For dinner I made a stir fry with sirloin, zucchini, red pepper, mushrooms and snow peas on top of brown rice. I poured on the soy sauce and the siracha . . . . and now I’m drinking a pelligrino instead of a glass of wine (sigh again).

The next three days will be similar. Then, I start eliminating different things, like animal protein, beans, soy, etc. I’ll keep you posted as it goes along. And, I’ll share food ideas as I think this is the most difficult part of cleansing.

Have you thought about cleansing? There are millions of them out there. I do highly recommend a cleanse that slowly eliminates foods before you actually fast — and even then, you are never hungry because you are constantly juicing and drinking broths.

I suggest using a naturopathic doctor. If you’re in Denver, Brenna Hatami is the best.