Getting back on track

We’ve all fallen off the wagon. And, it’s easy to do — especially when you are out of your routine. Vacations often throw people off, because, well, you’re on vacation. And it’s those times in your life that I think you should be allowed to eat desserts and imbibe more than usual (I don’t mean you should get ridiculous, but I think you knew that).

Just so you know, I am human. I fall off the wagon too. Lately, I’ve been eating lots of bread from the basket at restaurants (instead of nibbling on just one piece), eating dessert pretty much every day, crackers and cheese and lots of wine/scotch & vodka. I tell you this, because I struggle with the same issues that you do. I guess the difference is that I feel bound to higher standard since I am the trainer and it is my job to be a good example. And, truth is, most of the time it’s easy for me. I think mostly because this has been my lifestyle for 25 years and I have years of good habits behind me. So, when I do “fall”, it’s not too tough for me to get back to where I was. I know this may or may not be the case for you. Maybe you struggle to get to the gym/a class. Or, eating the right things is really tough. But what you do need to know, is that having a healthy lifestyle is practice and effort. And sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t. But, you don’t give up.

What do I do to get back on track? Well, I pretty much cut back on all gluten (my diet is basically gluten free anyway) sugar and alcohol. I focus on eating clean. In addition, I step up my cardio routine. I do cardio (in addition to my regular daily workouts) every day for at least 30 minutes. With that extra bit of focus on diet and adding cardio to the mix, I usually see a change within a week. And once I start to feel and look better, that’s usually all the motivation I need.

What do you do to get back on track? I’d love to hear.