Embracing My Culo

I’m about to board an airplane to Miami and usually before I go on a beach vacation, I’ve honed my body for weeks in preparation. Not to say I am not on consistent body maintenance, but before a trip, I definitely step it up a bit. But, things are a bit different this time. So I’ve decided to embrace my inner Latina and accept what’s happening to my ass. (No offense to my Latina friends) I know what you’re saying to yourself, but I know my body. And, as of late, I’ve had to do less cardio to save my arthritic knees. And, I’ve seen some things happening back there. Oh well. I can’t run with any consistency anymore, so I’m going to have to come up with some alternatives. I’m not really giving up — but I am on vacation and I am not going to obsess and ruin my good time. Which is really what I’m trying to tell you in this post. Sometimes you have to let it go.

I’m off to Miami, where people boldly go and wear thongs on the beach — even when they probably shouldn’t. And where I will be eating tostones and drinking beer . . . and enjoying every minute of it.