Is it Wednesday already?

How does Wednesday suddenly sneak up on you? We’ve had family in town and I just can’t seem to find a minute with my computer to post anything. So here I am typing like a spaz before I have to make breakfast for our guest (My Steve’s niece — here to visit before she takes off for college) 🙂 Yes, that is a smiley face because I actually really enjoy having guests and being a hostess.

We were going to take her to dinner last night — but I think it’s way more fun to stay at home and cook and just hang out. Plus, even though my kids are older, they still suck at restaurants. I’m always shooting the evil eye at someone, and my daughter never eats anything . . . . So, dinner at home is much more desirable. Plus, I have control over how much vodka really goes into the drinks.

For dinner we made homemade hummus (Martha Stewart recipe) and a big salad with grilled top sirloin on top. When you’re standing there at the meat counter at WF and he hands you a package of steak for $25, I’m like “holy cow!” (no pun intended), but then you think about how much a dinner out costs, plus tax and tips and then a $25 steak is pretty reasonable, no?

But the big winner was dessert. I made cherry slab pie. I’m going to say this is the best dessert I’ve ever made, hands down, in my entire life. As a matter of fact, I just had some with my coffee. So delicious. Here’s the recipe. The trick though, is to use FRESH tart cherries. I found them at WF and got so excited. When I was growing up, every summer since I can remember, my grandma made tart cherry pie. The cherries came from their trees in the backyard at their ranch in Western Kansas. I helped her pick the cherries and then pit them (I always ate too many and got a stomach ache). I can still see her standing there next to me, and she would always say “Teddi, stop eating the cherries, you’re going to get sick” . . . I never listened. So, try this recipe if you are so inclined — and make sure you have a fantastic cardio plan to offset the pie you are going to be eating for breakfast.