I’ll have an adult scoop, please.

In the midst of all my preaching about anti-cellulite this, and eat clean that . . . I’m going to confuse you now by saying “For God’s sake have an ice cream cone!”

Last night we went to Proto’s pizza for dinner (my favorite pizza in town) and then we went to Little Man ice cream in the Highlands. (P.S. have you been to Linger yet? Or Goldyn? I peeked my head into both & I have to get back there stat!) Anyway, you know, pizza and ice cream — not my first choice in the realm of things to eat that are good for you. But, in life, you have to have pizza and ice cream every once in a while. You just do. Life is too damn short and pizza and ice cream are too damn good not to. Should it be a weekly thing? No. But an occasional fun thing that you do with your family? Hell yes.

Your lifestyle, i.e. the things you do, the way you eat should in general be healthy. Full of activities that nurture your mind and body and what you eat should nurture you as well. I really have a hard time with people who are always on some diet or another. If you just ate well in general you wouldn’t have to be on a diet all of the time. And, as we age, you can’t always have the mentality: “well I deserve that entire bread basket, or I’m running late, I’ll just order the muffin” . . . you must develop good habits that will last your entire life. Keeping healthy food in your home (tons of fruits and vegetables) — and clearing out all of the crap. Being a good example for your children — by not giving them chicken nuggets and mac and cheese all of the time. Your life is long, hopefully, and you should always be practicing good health — however; in the midst of that, part of being healthy is also not completely restricting yourself all of the time. And a homemade yummy cone from a local ice cream man is a perfect treat!