Anti-cellulite massage attack!

Happy Friday Mamas, what are you up to? We are going up to Red Rocks tomorrow for another workout — I’d love to see you there if you are in town. 1 1/2 hours of heart pumping, stair pounding exercises to burn enough calories to justify a couple yummy cocktails this weekend 🙂

More in my series on cellulite . . . have you tried massage? I actually have a client who goes to a spa here in Denver where they massage her backside for an hour — she bought 10 sessions and swears she can see a real difference. I’ll get the name and address to you soon. Meanwhile, I found this video on YouTube and it looks like a good one to help you understand what to do.

I have been massaging my butt and thighs in the shower almost daily since college — when I first saw cellulite. I panicked and did everything I could. I’m telling you, it works! Albeit in conjunction with some great targeted work on the area. Try it — or better yet, have your husband do it. Who knows, you might get some sexy time too.