Nice tush . . .

Now that I have your attention. Ahem. You wouldn’t believe what happens when you type “nice butt” into google images . . . this is one of the more tame photos.

My students are ALWAYS asking me about how to get rid of cellulite and how to get a better butt. You wouldn’t believe the hours of research I’ve done in regard to this and I keep coming up with the same answers. About half of what you look like is attributed to genetics and the rest is what you eat and what you do physically. Some women are predisposed to carrying more bodyfat in their lower bodies just like some are more likely to carry it in the arms, etc. So, if you’re mama had/has “saddlebags” you are probably going to have a similar figure. But, cellulite is NOT genetic. Cellulite has more to do with what you eat and how you move your body. So stop blaming your mama for your cellulite — and let’s get down to figuring out how to make it go away . . . And now, for a musical interlude (btw, is kinda cute, no?)

I do think that you can change your butt. But it takes lots of work and diligence on your part. Eating right — eliminating fat and simple carbs from you diet, staying hydrated, & eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables do help reduce the appearance of cellulite. I know it, because I’ve done it. When I eat poorly, eat too much ice cream (I love ice cream) or things like cheese and crackers, etc. I notice that I have more dimples back there. When I’ve cleaned up my eating and really stuck to the freshest foods and laid off simple carbs (like bread, pasta, chips, anything white basically), they disappear — albeit with lots of cardio and muscle work.

If I had the exact formula, I think I might be a billionaire by now — but over the next week or so, we are going to talk about the anti-cellulite diet, and what moves you can do to help make it go away!

All for now, see you tomorrow.