Have an inspiring weekend!

Hi Mamas! What are you up to this weekend? I am on a girls trip in Sedona with my roommates from college. Have you been here? I can’t believe how beautiful these red rocks really are! We got here last night and it has been so fun catching up and laughing. You know, laughter does really heal the soul. And being with women that I have known since I was 20, is like coming home again.

We plan to do lots of hiking and laying by the pool, drinking wine and acting like girls again. I hope you have a great weekend — and you should plan a trip with your old friends soon. These are the people who helped shape who you are today.

See you Monday! P.S. I am excited to start a new post each week that will really touch on fitness issues that we are all experiencing. Next week we will talk about cellulite and those dreaded saddlebags and what to do. Stay tuned 😉