Monday’s Move

Happy Monday Mamas. I have to say, I had a very interesting weekend. Friday was incredible as I went to the Pitbull concert,danced on stage and hung out and partied with the man all night (not just me, but doesn’t it sound glamorous?) I felt like I was in an episode of Entourage. On Sunday I hosted a neighborhood block party. Those things never sound like they’re going to be too much work, but they always are. However, I’d highly recommend doing one anyway — it’s a great way to meet all of your neighbors and create a real community where you live. (It also comes in handy when you need your flowers watered!)

I’ve been a bit remiss with the workout videos as I have to acquire more from the people who filmed them and I just haven’t gotten to it. But, I did find a couple that you’ve never seen. This one is a great move for your butt and one that I do often. I would also add pulses with the leg in the air and pulses down in that side lunge position. 1 long set of 20 pulsing about 10 in those other positions. Enjoy it! And I’ll see you manana.