Welcome Summer!

I am so in my happy place. The weather is warm, my patio has flowers, I’m wearing capri workout pants again, and it’s grilling season! I went for a run yesterday (something I do less and less because my knees can’t take it) and everyone was out. It was so fun seeing peiople walking dogs, pushing strollers, riding bikes. And it felt so good to be out there moving my body — even though as I type this, I have a huge ice pack on my knees! Speaking of my knees, don’t forget Red Rocks this weekend — it’s going to be fun;)

Today’s recipes are so fast and easy and just taste like summer. The bulgar recipe is a repeat — but it is one of my favorites. And, so delicious with lots of lemon on top! The other is so simple, but nothing tastes better than chicken that’s been grilled on the BBQ. Try it tonight — and then have strawberries for dessert. Ah, summer, I love you!

Chicken recipe from Martha
Bulgur with Roasted Red Peppers, Chickpeas, and Spinach – Martha Stewart Recipes.