My Favorite Things right now . . .

This is the most amazing gelato I’ve ever had. I’m addicted. Remember Brach’s caramels? This is just the frozen and amazing version.

Lights in my back yard. We really worked on the patio this weekend: scrubbed the tiles, planted flowers, new cushions & pillows . . . but the best thing was adding the lights. It’s so warm and welcoming.

James Jeans Play Girl Jeans.
I am hippie at heart. I crave anything that resembles a 70’s vibe. Flare jeans are my favorite — I love the way they look and feel — totally slimming and attractive on any girl. I’m living in these jeans!

Skinny Margarita! Simply blend tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh squeezed orange juice and agave to taste. PERFECT!

We always go on a hike on Memorial Day . . . can’t wait to get out there! Have a great holiday today and I’ll see you tomorrow!
(Sorry for the cheesy stock photo!)