Have a WILD weekend!

Hey gorgeous ladies, what are you up to this weekend? The kids are home with me and we are having some serious chill time. We all have colds: again? So, lots of naps and movie watching — maybe a long walk, are on the docket for us. Don’t you love that shirt? It’s by my favorite artist, blogger, Garance Dore. She’s so French, so cool. I’d love to meet her someday.

Hope you enjoy your days off and can you believe it? It’s finally getting warm outside! Our hummingbird is back! I’ll see you back here Monday with a new move. And, in the meantime, some posts I’ve found for you:

Another reason I wish I still lived in NYC . . . looks like a super cool class!

I love Rachel McAdam’s dress in Cannes for Midnight in Paris . . . I love Woody Allen films!

Chronic Bitchface — Krisatomic is hilarious, and, I can relate.

I love this woman’s effortless springtime look: the dress, the booties, the baby blue Chanel . . . gorgeous!

I NEED these jeans!

Frightening Statistics about the obesity rates in our country (Colorado is the best of the worst)

I NEED these too! Not as much as the jeans, but aren’t they groovy?

This dress is so hippie cool. The headband makes it for me.