Have a badass weekend!

Well, my Groupon happened and it was a success! Thanks to all who passed it on to friends — I look forward to meeting all the new ladies (now to convert them into Hot Mamas!). I feel really fortunate to do what I do and I so LOVE everyone who comes to my classes and makes Hot Mamas such an incredible community of women. sniff.

So, I’m preparing to make passover dinner this weekend. Passover? Yes, a goyim making passover dinner — it should be interesting. In the meantime, some internet distraction for your viewing pleasure. See you Monday!

Calypso St. Barth collection for Target — loving the Maxi’s!

Amazing Norweigan Architecture

Instant Makeover from our favorite trashy mag, People

I just love this room on the cover of Lonny Mag

Love this girl’s look — fun site too.

I want this tank top . . . yep, it’s going to show a little side boob. But it just seems so perfect with a pair of high-waited jean shorts and some cute strappy wedges.

I love these bracelets — but more, I love the blog that this inspiration came from. These girls make me laugh — I think if I were living in L.A., I’d like to hang with them.

The problem with Jeggings . . . . hilarious video

Photo from the Sartorialist