I left my heart in NYC

I’ve been gone 8 years, and the moment I stepped on the street, it was like I’d never left. There is an energy on the streets of New York that is unlike any other. And, it really doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or what neighborhood you are in. There’s a beat. And, even though much has changed since 9-11, you still have to have an edge.

My love affair with New York City began when I used to watch old tv shows like That Girl. From the age of 9 I always knew I would live there. So, when I was 22, I saved $2000, got a Sign & Travel ticket from AMEX and took off. I lived in one of those women’s dorms run by The Salvation Army. Actually a pretty fantastic place to land when you have no idea where to live and you have very little money. They give you a room the size of a closet — but it’s a place to call home. And, they feed you!

More later my friends, I have to go sing in the choir now. Yes, I sing in a church choir. Enjoy your Saturday!