Have a Groovy Weekend!

My dear friends, what are you doing this weekend? Is it spring break for you? I wonder what you have planned! I am excited to take my kids to see my New York city. I haven’t been back since I moved away and I have so much planned — I may not have any time to sleep!

I have done a little surfing for your viewing pleasure — but not much because I’ve been packing for myself & my kids. Oh, how I hate packing. My bf loves to sit in bed and watch me freak out. I’m usually up until at least 1 or 2 in the morning. Although tonight as I type this, it’s only 11! I plan to share much of my trip if you wish to be indulged. So, stay tuned.

Must sleep now, but here are some interesting things I’ve found on the web:

The power of broccolli
Iceland is so beautiful!
What the f**k should I make for dinner? Made me laugh.
I love these laptop/iPad clutches
Metallic eye tutorial — love!
Going to Soul Cycle when I’m in NYC — can’t wait! Also going here and here. Tried to get into Tracy Anderson — not a very friendly gym 😦
Need this hat
Look at this great toy website

Photo from Where did u get that dot com