Collards with Lentils



I am so into Indian spices these days. I won’t even pretend to say that I am making authentic Indian food, but I am enjoying the flavors. This recipe took about 20 minutes. I did make it with white rice . . . which is normally not what I ever fix, but I knew it would taste much better with this dish. I don’t think a small mound of white rice will hurt anyone.

I picked this dish also because it’s vegetarian. I do love to eat a good steak on occasion — but, I have to say, I am eating more and more vegetarian and fish. I just feel better when I do. Plus foods like red meat cause inflammation which overload your immune system and can cause health problems. The older I get the more I notice how foods really do affect me.

So, try a vegetarian dish once a week. They are just as filling — and your tummy is nice and flat the next day 🙂

Recipe from Whole Foods