Monday Move

Hi Mamas, it’s Monday evening and I’m just getting around to posting this. I hope your weekend was great — I went to this crazy “Canvas & Cocktails” party. It’s like those parties that you have for your kids, only this one is for women & there’s a bar! I have to say, after a couple glasses of wine, I thought my Eiffel Tower was looking pretty good! . . . It was a good time, and if you are in Denver, it’s a fun place to have a party.

Well, it’s Monday night & my kids are back home. I’m trying like crazy to get them on a routine and it is so difficult. So far the only thing that is pretty solid is the bedtime by 8p — they don’t have to go to sleep, but they have to be upstairs and either listening to music or reading. I would say the most frustrating and difficult thing is getting everyone to do anything without standing over them and yelling the whole time –and reminding them over and over . . . when will they ever get it? And my 12 year old, who is seriously completely retarded these days — unbelievably spacey, insolent and just plain weird (he makes all sorts of strange sounds and faces). I know it sounds funny to you, but its maddening. I’m told it’s the testosterone . . . .
Enough of the complaining, I’m signing off now. Time to go beat my children.

OH, and I totally forgot. The exercise! It’s really a basic move — stationary lunge. Keep your hips very square and exaggerate the range of motion, even pausing a little at both ends. The hip scoops are key — do those and really focus on pulling your stomach in.