Bikini Boot Camp Salad

Who doesn’t love a good salad? Well, maybe my kids — because often my son will say “Mom, seriously, we are like the healthiest family in the world — do we have to always have so many vegetables?” and my response is always “yes”. So, imagine how happy I was when every day at Amansala we had the most amazing salads. Usually accompanied by fish or chicken, it was my favorite type of salad: Big and chock full of everything. Just like Elaine in Seinfeld: “I’ll have the BIG salad”. This salad comes from the Bikini Boot Camp book (and yes, I drank the BBC juice) and I made this the first night after I came back home. It’s great. Obviously add in anything you like. I added beets and cauliflower and pepitas — so yummy. Recipe

I’ll be sharing more about the trip tomorrow — I wanted to share some pics with you today, but upon waking up at 5am this morning, in the dark, I knocked a glass of water on top of my mac . . . . needless to say, I have an appointment this morning at the Genius Bar. I just want to scream. And, of course, I was planning to do a backup today. I can’t believe how crippled I feel without my computer. So, here I am on my BF’s laptop, and I’m all thumbs.

Until tomorrow.