It’s not the Ritz . . .



I’ve never stayed in a hut before. But, upon walking in my room, I was immediately charmed. I have to say it did bring me back to summer camp (in a good way). Tree branch hooks coming out of the wall, mosquito netting around the bed, a thin scarf hung in front of the toilet area, & the water pressure was amusing. But the bedding was top notch, the bed comfortable and the towels were plush. The best part? The ocean was RIGHT THERE, open the screen door and there she was — beautiful, very blue, and powerful. Bliss.

At sundown, the electricity came off and candles were lit everywhere. When I first heard about this, I was a little apprehensive, but there was nothing so romantic and cool as this. Not to mention, it set the tone for the evening and I was usually ready to retire pretty much right after dinner. There was talk about going down the beach to dance, but I honestly was never in the mood. My bed and the ocean sound . . . that’s what I craved every night.

Tomorrow I’ll share about our days and our workouts. But today is Monday, and I am trying to get back into my routine — although it’s tough since my kids are out of school and things don’t feel normal yet.

So, here’s another exercise in my curtsy series 😉 Good one for my flat-bottomed friends.