This week’s move

Happy Monday Hot Mamas! I hope you had a fantastic, restful weekend. My kids and BF were away and I got so much done! Mostly I am proud of the fact that all of my Christmas decorations are back in their boxes and ready for next year. I also got some much needed girl time — so important to hang with your girls.

I am so excited because I am filming more video this week. And, I’m doing it at a studio so the videos will be easier to see and you will be able to see the exercise so much better. Hey, and let me know if you have any requests for particular types of exercises (more butt, abs, etc.).

This week’s exercise is very isolating to your lower abdominal region and your transverse abdominis (your deep abdominal wall under your six-pack). Learning to contract these muscles is key to getting a strong core. And, if you are post-partum, these are the perfect start for you to get your abdominal wall back into shape again. Do 3 sets of 15.

Have a great week!