A New Move & Exciting News!

Hi Mama, how was your Christmas? I had my whole family over and it was so fun! I think I would like to have Christmas at my house every year. We had prime rib (I’ve never made it before) and it turned out perfectly — which means it’s a bit red, so not too perfectly for me! According to all of my blood eating relatives, it was perfect. I also made roasted potatoes — I totally forgot to read the recipe and they still turned out great (guess I should wait before I start sampling the cocktails). My neice brought these fantastic green beans — I still need to get the recipe. They were served cold with a great dressing, walnuts and dried cherries. And, we started with a citrus salad that was a bit time intensive, but was actually amazing. I could have just drank the dressing all by itself. The dessert was my most favorite thing: Peppermint hot fudge sundaes!!! I still have a lot of the chocolate left, and I have to say, I should bottle this stuff and sell it. We’ll call it “Hot Mama’s Chocolate Sauce” — I could make hundreds. Oh, and I forgot the cocktails . . . how could I forget the cocktails? Candy cane martinis! They were actually a little sweet, but a great starter nonetheless. Now unto New Year’s, we are having some friends over (kids included), and I think it will be so fun. Not sure what I am making yet, but I will keep you posted!

Now, for the news. I am about to launch a new website and a new Hot Mamas!!!! It’s been months in the making and I have to give my very silent business partner much of the cred. I will have a new website, so you will have to bookmark this blog, because my blog will be buried a little on the new site. It’s nice to have a captive audience for my blog, but I have a different vision for my business — so the blog has to take a bit of a backseat.(Don’t worry, I will keep posting!). So, back to Hot Mamas, there will be MORE classes and MORE opportunities for you to work out! And unlimited packages, and hip hop, nutritional advice and workshops and even cocktails! I see a Hot Mamas in every cool city some day soon. But for now, the Denver Hot Mamas is going to be the place to go if you want a rockin’ fit bod. Happy New Year!

Stay tuned!