Monday Move

Hi Girls, how was your weekend? Mine was fantastic. Got my hair done in an updo — and it looked so amazing! And, it didn’t look like I was getting married either. I just told her to punk it up a bit. I am definitely doing more updos in the future. I felt so chic and it just finished my look. So, be brave and do an updo for your next holiday party! And then, for makeup, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and had them do a “party face”. I needed some foundation anyway, and that’s really all they ask is that you buy something. Once I was all finished, all I had to do was go home and put my dress on. Perfect! I think I’m spoiled now.

And, BTW, this photo was taken the NEXT day! That was some serious hairspray!

Oh, and for your exercise, do 2-3 sets and make sure your back is nice and flat on the floor and the ball is hovering over your hips.
Have a great day!