Monday Move

Hi Mamas! Hope your weekend was great. Mine was filled with shopping and a kick-ass party that I co-hosted (thanks to all who came, hope you had as much fun as I did!). I had my makeup done at Sephora, and I highly recommend it! They only require you to buy a $50 gift card which I would have spent anyway. I thought my face looked fabulous! Plus he used this spray called “All Nighter” that sets your makeup — it stayed on all night.

So, the exercise . . . great one for your obliques and your leg,hips and glutes. Much harder than it looks — and don’t go too fast.
Do a couple sets of 10 in each direction on both legs. This is a great one to do after a larger muscle exercise like plies or lunges.

Have a great day! We are off to get a Christmas tree tonight, can’t wait 🙂