Holiday Stress

Hi Mama,

Are the holidays already stressing you out? Well, number one, make sure you are taking care of yourself, i.e.: eating well (continuing to make healthy meals for yourself and your family — stock up on the veggies!), exercising regularly (even if it means getting up extra early), and being organized. Yes, organized. Being unorganized creates stress. Making lists and doing things early this time of year, will really help things go more smoothly.

In regard to gifts, start making lists and do some “pre-shopping” online and at the store. Just simply getting out there and looking around for inspiration will give you some great ideas. We are all trying to save money, and doing some early shopping and not waiting until the last minute will help you save.

Buying for your children: I decided last year, that it is way better to find one big gift instead of a bunch of gifts. Get them one thing they really want and then fill their stockings with little fun things. And that’s it. We, as parents, think we need to go crazy with the gifts. But, I have found the last couple years very successful — the kids are happy with their gifts and they are not overwhelmed. I think this also teaches them not to want so much.

Try to find a tradition that you and your kids will look forward to every year. Like ice-skating, or going to see the tree lighting, or the Nutcracker (any holiday show). I love going to see the Nutcracker and my kids now really look forward to this evening every year! Finding a tradition is a great family bonding experience and something that will make your holiday season fun (and less stressful because it’s something you always do and you can plan ahead for it!) And, remember, it doesn’t have to be some crazy expensive thing. Your children just want time with you.

OK, speaking of stress, I must go now and get ready to teach! Have a great day:)