Music Wednesday

Man, do I miss Michael Jackson. Watching the AMA’s the other night . . . and, yes, there are some talented people out there. But, I have to say, not as amazing as they used to be. Am I getting old? I feel like that is something my parents would say. Just watching the show, I saw lots of special effects, but the singing and dancing? Not so much. And this is our best of the best . . . I think this says so much about our culture and what we think is talent. Justin Beber? Breakthrough artist of the year? How did he beat Lady Gaga? Seriously? I mean, let’s look at someone who really broke through. She’s been writing music since she was 17 for other well know artists and getting early admission to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Now that’s talent.

A musician that did surprise me was Kid Rock. His song “Times Like These” was poignant and well sung. A little long, but that’s a country tune for you.