Have an elegant weekend!

Don’t you love this picture? It’s from the Sartorialist — one of my very favorite blogs. The images are all so inspiring because everyone is unique and true to who they are. Doesn’t Oprah call that being your authentic self? What makes you unique? Embrace it and flaunt it!

My weekend was off to a smashing start — went to a Stella and Dot party at my dear friend’s house then went to Cuba Cuba for some mojitos. I think the holiday season has officially started! What are you going to do over the holidays to keep those party calories at bay? Well, unless you’re at a dance party, you need to bump up your routine a little bit and add some extra cardio to stave off any weight gain.

Don’t have a ton of posts for you this weekend, but here’s a handful to enjoy.

Check out this great Brooklyn home. Oh I miss New York!

I think these booties from the Gap are pretty cool.

Jimmy Choo Uggs . . . Heaven!

Holiday Eyes . . . are you brave? I think we should all be rocking the disco eyes this year!

How adorable is this little man?

Great Piggy Bank

This is such a great online shop . . . I love the catwalk so you can really see the clothes in action and how they really look on. I found some great leather pants and a sparkly top for holiday parties — and a fantastic leather bag for cheap!