Finding Balance



Do you know a woman who seems to do it all? You know, she’s a mom involved with her kid’s lives, has a great marriage, her house is well kept, flowers in her garden, volunteers somewhere, works or has her own business, has nights out with friends, goes on occasional trips, and still has time to workout? And, no, she doesn’t necessarily have nannies and helpers either. As a matter of fact, sometimes those women seem to be more unorganized than the others! Ha!

How do we find balance in our lives? Well, I am certainly no expert. It really has to be a conscious effort. I know for me, just keeping “office hours” at home is tough. I don’t know how many times I catch myself going to check email or texts. You simply have to shut the computer and put the phone down in the evenings and truly make it time at home with your family. And set your computer hours for either after the kids go to bed or early in the morning. What are your struggles/strategies? Well, I’ve made a list of ideas for you to help create more balance in your life. I’d love to hear your comments if you have them 🙂

1. Plan a date night at least bi-monthly with your significant other — and stick to it! Even if all you do is go to the bookstore.
2. Plan to hang with your girlfriends at least once a month. Even if it is with children — plan a dinner at someone’s home.
3. Each season, think about the things that need to be done around the house and schedule them with yourself. Like, changing your closets from Summer to Fall/Winter. Have you done that yet? What about the leaves in your yard? How’s your garage these days? You get the point. If you don’t schedule it, it will never get done.
4. Try to spend quality time with your kids daily. It doesn’t have to be hours — it can be 30 minutes. That’s why it’s called quality time! If you have little babies at home (God bless you), same goes for you. Read to them, sing to them, go for walks, go to the zoo. It doesn’t have to be all day . . . just plan one thing a day. Babies need down time too! Plus we’re giving all of our kids ADD with the constant activities (that’s a whole different post coming soon).
5. Plan your menu for the week ahead of time and shop for it all at once — make a list and stick to it!
6. Find time to volunteer for something.
7. Plan your “office hours” and stick to them. I think for your kids, it’s a great example for your kids that you aren’t always staring at your computer.
8. Use calendars — they make life so much easier and then you really can plan your days better. Planning ahead keeps you from cramming so much into your days at the last minute — you don’t want to be that crazy woman your whole life, do you?
8. Plan your workout schedule . . . and stick to it! Pick some classes to go to (Hot Mamas would be a good start) — and commit to them. Make it a part of your life until you die.

Finding balance is tough and it’s always a work in progress for me. But I’m striving . . .