Having Grace



I love my job. Not only because I am able to help women feel better and look great, but also because I learn so much from all the amazing women who walk through my door. Truly. Daily I learn new lessons in life from my wonderful students. And, what I’ve noticed lately is how important it is to have grace and to be graceful.

What do I mean? Well, in this particular case, not the way you move. But in the way you behave. Things that I believe make you more of a real woman, and not a girl. The way you behave when you really are a grownup. In my mind I often feel like I am still stuck somewhere in my 20’s. But the reality is, I am in my mid 40’s with a preteen and an 8 year old. And there are many things in my life, that I still handle like I did when I was 20. I’ve decided it’s time to grow up.

Here are my ideas about what a woman of grace looks like:

1. She doesn’t always have to put her 2 cents in. She actually listens when other people talk, and isn’t thinking about she wants to say next. And doesn’t always thrust her opinion of everything in everyone’s face. Restraint is a good word.

2. She lets the man with 1 item go ahead of her in the grocery store.

3. She teaches her children real manners by having them herself. Pleases and Thank yous. And addresses older people in the proper way. And, when she introduces her children to adults, she let’s the adult decide how they’d like to be addressed. I’m sorry, but I’ve earned Ms. Bryant, and so has my mother. I can’t ever imagine a child calling my mom by her first name.

4. She replies to invitations when they arrive. At least with a maybe.

5. She answers her phone, and her email. At least with a “I’ll get back to you soon”.

6. She keeps the details of her sex life to herself.

7. She keeps the explicit language for when it’s really necessary and impactful. 🙂

8. She is ON TIME, or early. Nothing is more rude than making others wait for you. This says so much about who you are.

9. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

10. She doesn’t gossip. She keeps secrets.

11. She never arrives as a guest to someone’s home empty handed.

12. She sends thank you notes immediately.

What qualities does your “woman of grace” possess? I’m sure I could have come up with more, but I thought I’d let you add some too.

I think we should all remember that we are all a work in progress and should always be striving to be better people, better moms, better neighbors, better partners. And a woman of grace also knows that sometimes we aren’t always on our game — and that’s when you learn the gift of being humble and apologizing when it’s necessary.

Oh, oh, and I’ve stepped away from my computer and come up with more . . . .

13. The texting is out of control . . . no texting during meals or when you are in the presence of someone else. I find this so incredibly rude, I can’t tell you. And, definitely not while you are driving — BAD.

14. Talking on the phone should be done in private. Period. But, not behind the wheel.