Have a Spooktacular Weekend!



Hello my gorgeous ghoul-friends, will you be dressing up this weekend? I’ve thought a lot about it, and have come up with nothing. It’s hard to be motivated for Halloween on a Sunday night! I think I might just throw some fangs on and be a vampire-mom. Hey, those just might be effective on a daily basis . . . you know when you’re trying to get out the door for school, or get them to bed? What do you think?

Speaking of that, I really needed a major time-out or perhaps even spanking the other night. Have you ever completely just lost it with your kids? I mean, the sort of losing your shit that if you were being filmed, you would be so shocked and embarrassed at your own behavior? The kind of losing your shit, that you might need to start taking meds? Or, maybe upping the dosage? OK, so you get how crazy I was.

The next morning, when I woke up my daughter, I said “so I had a pretty bad night, last night, huh?” and she said “yep”. And I said, “well, it’s a new day”. And, I guess what I can say to you (and don’t even pretend that you don’t lose it sometimes) is that there’s always a new day and a chance to start over. And, aren’t we glad?

And, the next time you are about to completely go crazy on your kids, walk away & count to 100. And try to get some perspective. Remember that they learn how to behave from you. 🙂 And, if you do end up still looking like and behaving like an ass, that you can still gracefully talk with them about it later. And teach them some humility.

Have a great weekend, my friends. And, don’t eat too much candy . . . .

Photo “Halloween in Harlem” from 20×200